Wednesday, September 19, 2007

ASR September 7-9, 2007

September 7-9, 2007 I was brought aboard to be an event photographer to document the daily progress of an event within an event. ISM Magazine is whom I was photographing for.

This was an exciting experience. Tons of fun, and lots of photo opportunities.
I was excited when I received my badge!
When I walked through the convention center, everyone stared at me....
(Because of the camera; they thought I was the "Real" media... hehe)

You Could of won a Vespa... It was a donation raffle!





We had silk screeners come in and make personized shirts!

Here are some of the artists:


Other random things:


The Finished Projects:

Here is some more info:

ISM: a community project with curated an Art Installation Project at the “ASR” the Action Sports Convention which held over 50,000 people and they wanted me to join the project. Only 16 artists and their friends were asked to participate...The Project was called "Green for Green". The Installation had 4; 64' mural (16'x16' square) in the heart of the Convention Center. The murals were created to illustrate both the positive and negative impact humans can choose to have on our future environment. The work illustrated these two questions: “What could the world be like if we change our ways and truly care for the planet?” and “What will the world be like if we don’t?” *The finished mural were auctioned off to raise money for ISM: A Community Project - a registered 501c3 that dedicated to the promotion and support of the arts.

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michael said...

hey michelle. congrats on getting to shoot an event for a magazine. thats pretty exciting. great job on your shots too. you did a good job at documenting the day. must have been fun to see so many other artists and their work too. i love the murals!